January 21, 2021

National Auto Care launches Reinsurance Plus

National Auto Care launches Reinsurance Plus

National Auto Care launches Reinsurance Plus

(PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Florida, January 2021) – Award-winning F&I product provider National Auto Care has announced a nationwide launch of its newest profit participation program, Reinsurance Plus.

Reinsurance Plus launched nationally at the start of 2021. This program joins the ranks of NAC’s other profit participation programs including traditional Reinsurance, Retro, Dealer Owned Service Company and Unearned Premium Advances.

“I would put NAC’s automotive F&I products up against any others in the industry, but where our true competitive advantage lies is in the innovative ways we help our clients earn greater profits, says NAC’s Vice President of Sales Spencer Wanderon. “Our new Reinsurance Plus program provides greater options and allows dealers to access capital right away."

NAC’s Reinsurance Plus comes with a “Day 1, Dollar 1” Insurance CLIP backed by an “A” rated carrier, provides dealers with accelerated access to premium reserves, offers expanded investment income opportunities and potentially eliminates premium tax.

Only products filed as service contracts are eligible to be put under the Reinsurance Plus model; or Theft Deterrent programs as they are structured as voluntary protection programs.

For additional details on Reinsurance Plus from NAC, please call 800-548-1875,option 4, or email sales@nationalautocare.com.

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