December 9, 2019

Connect to Greater Opportunity

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Connect to Greater Opportunity

By 2025, more than 300 million vehicles worldwide will be equipped with connectivity technology. No longer purely the domain of luxury vehicles, smaller and less expensive vehicles are increasingly loaded with these features too. Connectivity isn’t something only OEMs and third-party platform providers want; consumers want to benefit from it, too.

Connectivity and telematics have converged in the auto industry, opening a new arena that harnesses the power of vehicle data. In simple terms, a car’s OBD-II port can be connected to a telematics device (a “reader,” if you will) that reads, compiles, and reports vehicle data.

The OBD port has long been in use by repair facilities for diagnostic purposes, but only in recent years has the consumer-facing potential of the OBD port and the data it transmits become a viable tool—and business opportunity.

All Your Vehicle Data, From One Port

For automakers, third-party developers, and product providers alike, the information gleaned from a vehicle’s OBD port can be used to create a valuable service product: providing consumers with information about everything from their driving habits to their vehicle’s overall health and beyond.

For consumers, the value proposition is that they’ll be aware and in control of their vehicle’s location, health, and usage like never before. Currently, vehicles produce about 50 data points ranging from driver preferences to external environmental conditions; in 6 years, that figure could grow to 200. Capitalizing on this data is beneficial for consumers and dealers.

Convenience and Safety

According to a Deloitte study earlier this year, the connectivity features that consumers desire most are those involving convenience and safety: route and traffic guidance, vehicle health, and maintenance alerts scored in the Top 3.

While those items were the top-scoring features, there are many more benefits to a connected car for the consumer, such as the ability to set alerts and limits for teen and/or elderly drivers and reliable location tracking in the event of a stolen vehicle, to name a few.

Just imagine how much easier it would be to have routine maintenance done on your vehicle if your car reminded you that it was due! Or how nice it would be to know that your battery voltage is low and needs a boost before you venture outside and try in vain to start it. With a connected car package, these aren’t just futuristic fever dreams: this functionality is already here.

Connected Cars = Connected Customers

For dealers, connected car technology presents an unprecedented opportunity to build a closer relationship with their customers. With the right partnership and application, dealers can ensure that their customers receive on-schedule maintenance reminders that bring them back to the service department.

And with in-application appointment request functionality, customers can easily schedule service if their vehicle alerts them to a breakdown or other mechanical issue. Dealers can also create their own loyalty or rewards program that ties into the connected vehicle app, ensuring a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with their customers.

Is your dealership ready to embrace the full potential of today’s connected vehicles? Ask your Sales rep about NAC Connect, the newest product offering from National Auto Care, today!

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