December 9, 2022

Educating Consumers on EVs

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Educating Consumers on EVs

It’s no secret that EVs continue to flourish as the new wave of transportation. Big-name manufacturers like Ford, Volvo and Kia continue to beef up their EV lines proving that one thing is clear: an electrified future is on its way.

Though tech and car enthusiasts welcome EVs with open arms, some consumers are unsure of the long-term reliability and price tag of new, shiny EVs. That’s why it’s imperative for dealerships to educate consumers on how EVs function, so they can drive with peace of mind.

Keep on reading to learn more about how to educate consumers on EVs!

Inform Your Customers on the Benefits of EVs

From zero emissions to possible tax credits, EVs offer a range of benefits. Additionally, drivers can also say goodbye to the pump. With battery power, EVs don’t have to be at the mercy of gas prices. The environmental and financial benefits that EVs have to offer are second-to-none.

Additionally, EVs may be easier to maintain. EVs lack fluids and oils that traditional vehicles need to run. Because of this, EVs need fewer repairs than an ICE vehicle. With no need for oil changes, your customers could also save on repairs every year.

Validate Your Customers’ Concerns

EVs offer new excitement in the industry, but consumers may have doubts about the longevity of EVs. It’s important to validate these concerns, because with innovation comes new risks.  

By offering solutions like an EV limited warranty, you can give your customers the security of having a protection plan if they ever need it. If the technology inside their EV gets compromised, protection products like these will allow them to bring their EV in and have it reset to factory settings.

Additionally, some consumers may experience battery anxiety. Whether about charging range or overall longevity, batteries are a hot topic for customer uncertainty. Luckily, charging stations are becoming more common around the country, with about 140,000 as of November 2022.

Since batteries are the main power source of EVs, inform your consumer about EV battery limited warranties. This way, if they ever need a replacement, they are covered and can get back on the road.

Let Your Customers Know About EV Safety

EVs may raise some eyebrows when it comes to safety, but don’t let your customers fear! EVs go through the same rigorous testing as traditional vehicles, so inform your customers that all EVs are held to high standards for safety.

Moreover, some EVs have been named a TOP SAFETY PICK, selected by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Also, according to the IIHS, an updated analysis of insurance data shows injury claims are substantially less frequent for EVs.

Safety is a top priority for all vehicles, and EVs are no different. EV manufacturers ensure that their vehicles abide by the laws and regulations so that your customers can cruise with confidence.

Educate Your Customers on EVs Today

Now that your customers are educated on EVs, it’s time to seal the deal and have them drive off in a new electrified ride. It’s important for your customers to protect their investment, so let them know about the F&I industry’s first EV-exclusive protection line.

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