August 3, 2022

How Dealerships Can Prepare for the Rise in EVs

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How Dealerships Can Prepare for the Rise in EVs

The automotive industry has reached a consensus: By 2030, more than half of new vehicles sales will be electric vehicles (EVs). In the US, 13 carmakers plan to spend over $75 billion on opening electric manufacturing plants across six states.

With more manufacturers investing in EVs, what does this mean for drivers? For starters, more options. By 2025, more than 100 EV models may be on the market. This includes cars, trucks and SUVs.

As EVs become more popular on the roads, dealerships will need to adapt their sales and service teams to a future-proof system. Keep on reading to learn more about how dealerships can prepare for the rise in EVs.

Keep Your Sales Team Knowledgeable            

EVs will make waves at your dealership, so keep the sales team educated on EV components. From elaborate touch displays to self-driving systems, EVs are innovative in their form and function.

EVs differ dramatically from vehicles with an internal combustion engine, most prominently with the lack of fluids and need for oil. EVs run on an electric motor and large battery packs, powering spirited drives.

With these differences, it’s easy to see how EV terminology can be a lot to learn. That’s why the best way to ensure that your sales team has the proper knowledge on these new vehicles is to train them. Offer training courses on proper terminology and EV components so they can have the confidence and resources to inform buyers. Your F&I agent or product provider may offer training on these topics, so start by asking them!

Charge Up Your Dealership

As EVs make their way to your lot, opt for dedicated charging stations and spaces to demonstrate the maintenance process for potential drivers.

Charging is a learning curve for new EV owners, so showing them how it functions can be a terrific way to make them feel comfortable with the process. In most cases, EVs come standard with a120-volt Level 1 portable charger, which is easy to plug into a standard outlet. That makes it simple to allocate space and get your EV fleet charged up.

Not only is it practical to designate these spaces, but it’s a great way to demonstrate EV functionality to customers. When customers receive value from their experience at your dealership, they are more likely to be a repeat buyer.

Stay On Top of Model Releases

From Tesla to Toyota, EVs are becoming commonplace. They are no longer exclusive to trendy startups or luxury brands. Big manufacturer names in the industry have shifted to higher EV production and show no signs of slowing down.

Last year, Ford increased its EV commitment to $50 billion through 2026 and expects 50 percent of its global vehicle volume to be fully electric by 2030.

Exciting releases like the F-150 Lightning show that a muscular pickup can get electrified, so there are no limits to body style or model. New EV models are emerging every day, and dealership lots will start to see a mix of EVs in their new or used inventory.

Stay tuned into the industry with thorough? research and manufacturer press kits, so you can know the latest and greatest EV offerings.

Your Dealership, Electrified.

EVs are already making an impact on the automotive industry, so innovate your dealership. With these tips, you can feel confident that you have the resources to embrace EVs with open arms.

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