May 10, 2021

How to Present the Multi-Point Inspection - A Fixed Ops 5 Blog

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How to Present the Multi-Point Inspection - A Fixed Ops 5 Blog

Today's customers are strapped for time and deal with a lot of distractions in their personal and professional lives. For many of them, money is tight. In a vehicle service situation, they want to know the facts, just the facts, and only the facts. With that information, they'll be able to make a fast and informed decision about the work that needs to be done on their vehicle.

By presenting the fact-based results of their multi-point inspection, you can build trust by showing customers that you respect their time; this approach also allows them to make a decision that satisfies them while also helping you achieve your service department goals.

Vital Statistics: Year, Make, Model, and Mileage

It may sound funny, but most customers who come in for service don't know the year, make, model and mileage of the vehicle they drive every day. Try asking a customer for this information when they first arrive for service: you'll find that only about 20 percent of customers will immediately know the answers.

This lack of familiarity with their vehicle means that for nearly 80 percent of your service department customers, it is critical that you review this information. Furthermore, it will show the customer that the service advisor is the expert on their vehicle, establishing trust and prompting customers to rely on your assessments.

Keeping It Simple: Pass or Fail 

When presenting your multi-point inspection to a customer, it’s key to start at the top and work your way down the list. Start with the “green” items — the ones that have passed inspection. Next, address the “red” items — the ones that have failed inspection.

Starting with green items builds trust, as you’re delivering positive news and, more importantly, telling the customer about things that will not cost them any money today. This approach also demonstrates that you have done a thorough inspection of the vehicle and will only advise them of items needing their immediate attention.

Sticking to the “pass or fail” approach instinctively creates the need for a customer to buy a service, and it’s simply the truth: just the facts, which is exactly what your customers want to know.  

Put Your Customer In the Driver’s Seat

When you're done presenting the results of your customer's multi-point inspection and discussing the work that needs to be completed, ask the customer, "do you have any questions for me?"

This simple question hands the power of the conversation back to the customer. It gives the customer control to decide of their own free will. Answer their questions as directly as possible, in line with the information you've already presented in the multi-point inspection report.

Often, you’ll find that this question prompts the customer to bring up additional issues or concerns they have about their vehicle. For example, perhaps they've noticed a certain rattle when they back out of their driveway. This gives you the opportunity to look further into the issues concerning them, and could make for an effortless up-sell.

The Takeaway

When your customers feel that their business and vehicle are valued by you, they will be quick to form a long-term relationship with your dealership — one based on trust. They will be confident in your recommendations and return to your store every time they need service because they see you as the expert on their vehicle. And when they’re ready to buy another vehicle, your dealership will be top-of-mind when it’s time to go shopping.

National Auto Care's new podcast, Fixed Ops 5, hosted by our National Fixed Operations Manager Corey Smith, explores topics related to the fixed operations department of a dealership. Each episode features a different industry guest.

The podcast premiered May 5 with Fixed Ops Magazine publisher Ron Overs discussing the multi-point inspection. Check out our YouTube video of the Fixed Ops 5 premiere by clicking here!

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