March 5, 2020

Just Add Videos

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Just Add Videos

Studies show that would-be car buyers rely heavily on web-based research, spending roughly 3 times as many hours doing their due diligence online as they do in-person. And while many dealers have websites and social media accounts to attract some of this traffic, they may be missing a critical piece of their digital strategy: videos!

Since shoppers consistently rely on the internet for the bulk of their research when shopping for a new (or new-to-them) vehicle, it is critical to establish a positive rapport with them before they even set foot in the store.

Expanding Your Brand With Video

Videos are an excellent way to provide information while building a relationship and introducing your brand: YouTube reaches over 90 percent of the US population with a mobile phone, and video is expected to comprise more than 80 percent of all internet traffic by 2022. Furthermore, three-quarters of respondents to a recent marketing survey stated that videos influenced their shopping decisions—a dealership’s bottom line could benefit from this shift in consumer behavior.

Another challenge facing dealerships today is a marked shift in consumer attitudes toward the car-buying experience—and make no mistake, “experience” is the word to remember! A growing number of shoppers are more concerned with the actual experience they have in the store, rather than the car they are buying or the particulars of the transaction itself.

In fact, many would prefer to interact with the product—i.e., the vehicle—without a salesperson present; “product specialist” is a more apt description of the kind of consultative, information-driven (as opposed to sales-focused) approach shoppers are looking for from showroom staff.

Using Videos to Educate Customers

Utilizing videos—online and in the showroom—is a great way to let customers interact with your dealership on their own terms while still creating a positive impression.

Studies are demonstrating that shoppers want more information about vehicles and F&I products, and they’d prefer to get it before they visit a dealership. Utilizing web videos to deliver this information can serve as a differentiator for a store’s brand while giving customers what they want—it’s a win-win!

Virtual tours of new-in models, a tour of the service department, and even videos that introduce the value proposition of your store’s suite of F&I products will give buyers important information without sales-focused interactions that they are increasingly keen to avoid.

Are You Looking for Web Videos to Help Educate Your Customers on F&I Products Before They Even Walk into Your Dealership?

National Auto Care has you covered. Head to our YouTube page for quick, informative videos for the consumer on some of our most popular products.

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