November 19, 2020

Paint and Fabric Protection: Take Car of Your Car from the Inside Out

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Paint and Fabric Protection: Take Car of Your Car from the Inside Out

Between routine maintenance and the dreaded unexpected mechanical failure, owning a vehicle can feel like you—and your wallet—are running an expensive marathon! It’s no wonder that the appearance and finish of your vehicle often falls off the radar, no matter how much you babied it in the beginning.

The once-a-month car wash? More like once-a-year. Wiping down and conditioning the leather seats? Maybe…if you’re driving someone you’re keen to impress. But as easy as the exterior and interior finishes of a vehicle are to write off as “taking care of themselves,” they still need attention and upkeep.

Maintaining those parts of your vehicle will ensure it lasts as long as you want to own it and holds more value when you’re ready to trade it in or sell it. A Paint & Fabric protection product can make this part of vehicle ownership easier and less expensive.

Your Car in the Elements

The world outside your garage or driveway presents a litany of hazards for your vehicle’s exterior: UV rays, tree sap, and road salt can wreak havoc on the integrity of a car’s finish. And those are just the inanimate threats: insects and birds can do some serious damage as well. Once the outer finish coat sustains damage, the underlying paint layers—and the coatings beneath them—are more vulnerable to damage as well.

Left unrepaired, this can lead to much uglier problems than fading or loss of gloss: chipping, cracking, or peeling paint, and even rust if the damage penetrates beneath the paint. An Appearance product that utilizes a protective coating will provide protection for the outer finish of a car’s exterior, making it less susceptible to damage from environmental and other factors and paying for repairs if damage does occur. And when you trade or sell your car, it will command a higher price with an intact finish.

Freshen Up Your Car Interior

We spend a lot of time inside our vehicles, and it’s not just us: kids, friends, partners, and pets are often along for the ride! And while riding together may be fun for humans and our furry friends, it’s not so fun for a car’s interior: spills, rips, and even less-pleasant mishaps are bound to happen.

Over time, even regular use will visibly age the interior of a vehicle. And if a spill isn’t cleaned up fast or thoroughly enough, or a small hole in a seat is left unrepaired, you could be left with permanent stains (and odors) and deteriorating seats.

Would you want to go for a ride in a car that had visible stains or tears on the seats, or a noticeable odor in the cabin? Probably not! And you certainly wouldn’t want to buy a car in that condition.

The Takeaway

Investing in a protection product that includes the interior of your vehicle not only helps prevent these types of damage, it will pay to repair them. Better yet, the protective coating also makes the inside of your vehicle easier to clean!

The result will be more enjoyable rides for you and your passengers, easier care and maintenance, better long-term performance of the materials inside your vehicle, and a higher value for the car down the road.

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