October 28, 2019

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Powered by the Latest Trends

The powersports market in the US is poised for change—and growth. We’re discussing what’s driving today’s powersports market, and how dealerships can maximize shoppers’ enjoyment of their new vehicles by offering protection they need and want.

Off-The-Charts Growth in Off-Road

The surge in popularity of UTVs and side-by-side unit types is expected to grow the powersports industry to $14.5 billion by 2025. What is driving this growth? For one thing, off-road units have become more family-friendly: one UTV can now seat up to 6 people, and they don’t carry the same safety risks for younger riders as ATVs and quad-bikes.

A family of 4 would have previously needed multiple off-road vehicles for everyone to tag along on an outdoor adventure, but today’s UTVs offer a single-vehicle solution for active families. Simply put, today’s UTVs are a more approachable and accessible option than ever before, offering functionality as well as fun.

Another driving factor is the versatility of today’s off-road units on multiple terrain types, making them suitable for everything from general outdoor recreation and hunting to serving as a means of transportation in remote or otherwise-challenging areas.

Explore Off the Beaten Path with UTVs

While UTVs can set customers back tens of thousands of dollars, they’re purpose-built for going off-road in ways that on-road vehicles—even SUVs and trucks—are not. Even other off-road unit types cannot compete with the terrain-agnostic capabilities of today’s UTVs, which are often permitted in areas that are off limits to ATVs. And with multiple configurations and accessories available, consumers can find a powersports unit to suit their needs for work and play.

Shifting age demographics are big news in the on-road motorcycle industry, but they’re changing on the off-road side, too. The popularity of side-by-side units is no longer limited to cautious older customers: they have become attractive to all age groups thanks to their carrying capacity and superior safety compared to single-rider off-road bikes.

Essentially, all the features that once confined demand for UTVs to a more risk-averse population are now bringing in vast numbers of consumers who live for the thrill of outdoor adventure. Add in the enhanced features and capabilities of today’s off-road units and it’s easy to see why consumers are snapping them up.

The Right Products for Today’s Market

The powersports market may be changing, but buyers still need and want to protect their vehicles. Dealers can capitalize on the growth of the market by offering F&I products that provide excellent protection for every unit type. Off-road units are more sophisticated than ever; offering mechanical protection to match is a must to keep your customers active and happy.

Is your dealership ready for the powersports market of today and tomorrow? National Auto Care offers a full suite of powersports protection products for all unit types: contact your Sales Rep to learn more!

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