December 19, 2019

Smarten Up Your Cars

NAC Blog
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Smarten Up Your Cars

Research shows that the average smartphone user spends over 3 hours per day on their phone. Our phones are such integral parts of our daily lives that using them is practically a reflex! Consumers have become accustomed to being connected to their homes, their bank accounts, and their favorite shops and restaurants 24/7 thanks to their smartphones.

Millennials are often cited as drivers of this trend, and for good reason: they are seasoned users of the latest in technology. In 2020, that generation will comprise roughly 40 percent of new vehicle purchasers.

Imagine how valuable it would be for your dealership to connect with your customers via their smartphones, and how valuable it would be for your customers to connect to their vehicle through the same device.

Connect to Your Customers

As smartphones continue to be an integral part of everyday life, getting in front of your customers via their phones can make all the difference in building a long-term connection and business relationship with them. Telematics technology allows dealerships to offer timely maintenance reminders, specials or promotional discounts, and one-click appointment bookings to customers via mobile app.

For many consumers, the convenience of using technology to manage aspects of their everyday lives is appealing. Being able to add routine maintenance services, vehicle health management, and mechanical breakdown repairs to the list of things they can manage from an app is a no-brainer.

Connected car solutions make managing vehicle ownership less stressful and more approachable, providing real-time updates on the health of the vehicle and a lifeline to the customer’s dealership when something needs attention.

As more of life’s routine tasks become manageable by smartphone, it’s no wonder that the same trend is hitting the automotive world! What’s more, connecting consumers to their vehicles—and even their F&I products—can help establish a value proposition that drives customer satisfaction and retention.

Is Your Dealership Ready to Get Connected to the Latest in F&I Product Technology?

With NAC Connect, the future is now! Our cutting-edge telematics solution has now been integrated with our VSA, giving dealers another point of contact to help their customers manage mechanical breakdowns and repairs.

In the future, NAC Connect will also be seamlessly integrated to our full suite of superior F&I products, too! Contact your NAC Sales team member today to learn more about NAC Connect.

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