June 16, 2022

What to Do Once You Get Promoted

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What to Do Once You Get Promoted

After the grind, you get the reward. You’ve been promoted, but now what? As your career progresses, you may be stuck wondering what is next.

Host of Fixed Ops 5 Corey Smith recently spoke with Fixed Ops Director Joe Chambers and Service Manager Erick Jauregui to talk about overcoming obstacles, leadership, and how to level up your professional prowess. Read on or listen to the full episode of Fixed Ops 5 to learn more!

Refocus Your Goals

When you climb the professional ladder and get closer to the top, there’s a change of view. After a promotion, it’s time to refocus your goals to align with your newfound responsibilities and workflow.

For starters, reflect on what you have accomplished. It’s imperative to acknowledge how you got to where you are now, so you can use it as a lens to look towards the future.

Refocusing goals includes looking at your position and seeing how you can continue to grow. Ask yourself questions like:

·        Why did I pursue this role to begin with?

·        What skills can I grow within this new role?

·        How can I maximize my efficiency in this role?

With questions like these at the forefront of your mind, you can develop a new framework within your role and continue to check in withyourself to ensure that you are meeting your goals.

Use Your Resources

Are there any individuals in your workplace that have made an impact on you professionally? Whether you attend a training or chat with your supervisor about your career path, using resources available to you is an excellent way to continue growth.

The people around us, both professionally and personally, can shape who we are. Using your resources means listening to and seeking out input from people you trust. Mentors who have your best interest at heart, where you can truly develop professionally.

After an accomplishment, like getting promoted, you may feel like it’s up to you to figure out the next move. Using your resources means recognizing those people in your life that can help you level up and continue to flourish.

Stay Consistent

As the saying goes, consistency is key. After you get promoted, it’s important to stay on the path that can continue to produce growth and learning. Daily habits that can enhance your life overall can assist in setting you up for success.

For example, journaling can assist you in letting go of negative situations that arise in your work or personal life. Research suggests that negative information can weigh heavy on the brain, so finding time to sit down with your thoughts and write them out can be beneficial to processing the day and starting fresh the next.

Consistent habits that keep you motivated and focused cannot only enhance your life professionally, but holistically.

The Takeaway

A promotion is a gateway to new professional experience that can test your resilience. There’s no strict destination, and the key is to continue seeking out opportunities to evolve your professional and personal life.

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