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National Auto Care is an award-winning provider of automotive protection products. For more than 35 years, we have developed products that give customers the protection they need from the dealerships they know and trust. We also offer best-in-class customer service and claims administration to handle all your needs. To start a claim, call us at 800-526-8678.

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Core VSA

Get top-level peace-of-mind protection for your vehicle and your wallet from National Auto Care!


Without GAP protection, you could be faced with the burden of paying off your loan or lease,leaving you with making payments on a vehicle that you are no longer able to drive. Don’t get caught upside down!

Tire & Wheel

It’s a bumpy road out there. Those bumps can damage your tires and wheels - and your wallet. Get back on the road faster with Tire & Wheel Protection from National Auto Care.

Complete Protection

The road ahead is littered with potholes, door dings, road debris, and unexpected expenses, all of which can be hard on your vehicle. Don’t let them be hard on your wallet!

Key Protection

Protect yourself from the rising cost of key replacement with Key Protection from National Auto Care.


The PowerBuy Depreciation Program from National Auto Care provides revolutionary depreciation protection independent from GAP coverage.

Theft Deterrent

Give yourself an extra measure of protection by adding National Auto Care’s Theft Deterrent Limited Warranty to your vehicle purchase.

Windshield Protection

Your windshield provides you with a clear view of the road ahead. It also contributes to the structural integrity of your vehicle. Keep it clear and strong with the Windshield Protection Product Limited Warranty from National Auto Care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I transfer my agreement?

If your agreement is transferable, the following will be required:

  • Odometer statement or title showing mileage at time of transfer. Please note, this is not required for towable trailers.
  • Transfer application form.
  • Personal check or Money Order/Cashier's Check made payable to "National Auto Care" in the amount of the transfer fee as outlined in your agreement.

I can't find my agreement – what do I do?

Start with the dealer from which you purchased your car and your National Auto Care F&I product. Your dealer can provide you with a complete agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the coverage purchased with your vehicle.

How do I file a claim on my National Auto Care product?

(Includes VSC, Tire and Wheel Protection, Key Replacement, Windshield Protection Limited Warranty, Theft Deterrent Limited Warranty, Complete Protection and Excess Wear and Tear)

Unless otherwise stated in your agreement, you can have your repair service completed at any licensed repair facility. We recommend that you return to your trusted selling dealership.

If your vehicle is still under manufacturer warranty, return your vehicle to a manufacturer-authorized repair facility or dealer.

Be sure to tell the repair facility or service provider to call the Administrator before any work begins; all claims must have prior approval before work begins. National Auto Care will pay the shop directly for approved services.

How do I file a claim on my National Auto Care Guaranteed Asset Protection agreement?

You can file a claim on our website, or call the Administrator at 1-855-333-9545.

How do I take advantage of Roadside Assistance if it is included in my F&I Product?

Just call the number listed for Roadside Assistance in your agreement. Be sure to have your agreement in hand when you call, because you will need to provide the Dispatcher with your CONTRACT NUMBER, PRODUCER NUMBER and your PLAN LETTER listed in your agreement.

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